Welcome to the Mantevo Project Home Page

Mantevo is a multi-faceted application performance project. It provides application proxies of several types and sizes:

  • Miniapplications: Small, self-contained programs that embody essential performance characteristics of key applications.
  • Minidrivers: Small programs that act as drivers of performance-impacting Trilinos packages.
  • Application proxies: Parametrizable applications that can be calibrated to mimic the performance of a large scale application, then used as a proxy for the large scale application.

Mantevo Suite Release 1.0

Mantevo Suite Release 1.0, the first release of the Mantevo Suite, is now available for download. See the release notes for more information.

Mantevo Overview Paper

Improving Performance via Mini-applications (Mantevo Overview)

Mantevo Virtual Machine

A VirtualBox virtual machine preloaded with the proxy apps featured at the SC12 Proxy App Tutorial is available for download. Using the virtual machine is perhaps the simplest way to try some of the Mantevo proxy apps for the first time. VirtualBox runs on Linux, Mac, or Windows.