Mantevo Suite Release Version 1.0.2

The current Mantevo Suite Release version is 1.0.2. Each proxy application included in the Suite is distributed separately. Mantevo Suite Release 1.0.2 is comprised of seven miniapplications, and one minidriver. This release contains the same version of many of the proxy applications as the 1.0.1 Suite Release. Whenever a new version of a proxy application is released, the Suite Release version is incremented.

Previous releases can be found here.

** New version for Suite Release 1.0.2.

Mantevo Tools

  • Co-Pylot: Post-processing tool that accepts Mantevo YAML output files and stores each as a record in a MySQL database and can display the results in graphs and charts.

Open Source Software

Mantevo proxy applications are open source software. Some Mantevo proxy applications are available for download under a GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), others are available under a BSD License. The license for each proxy app is specified in the applicable tarball. Release announcements will be sent to the mail list.